Vinyl Comeback

Black Vinyl Friday Find the Deals on Used Records Collecting and listening to music on vinyl records has made a huge comeback in the last decade. My boyfriend and I have always been aficionados of the culture of vinyl records, but it wasn’t until 3 years ago when we really dove in head first. Since … Continue reading Vinyl Comeback

Arts & Crafts

DIY Thursday DIY "Jar-O-Lanterns" for Halloween Halloween is my favorite. This is a cute project I found a few years ago and it doesn’t cost too much to get awesome results. Start by saving empty jars. Make sure they are big enough to fit a tea light led candle into the top, or at least … Continue reading Arts & Crafts

Hello World!

This is my story. Don't you like it? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec purus dolor, malesuada non gravida quis, tincidunt at massa. Sed non sem sed enim ornare viverra gravida vitae nunc. Nullam auctor tincidunt ipsum, ac commodo nisl maximus eget. Donec posuere tellus in nisl tincidunt vehicula. Proin vitae feugiat … Continue reading Hello World!